Chicago Seminar Report

Firstly, I’m extremely tired. I woke up at 3.45am this morning so we could catch the train from Harvard to Chicago. It has been a long day, but very rewarding.

The seminar this morning was great. We had a good turnout, and I think it went really well. Kudos to Justin and Chris for their work in putting it together. Despite some confusion and difficulty with computers, powerpoints, projects, etc…at the beginning, we managed to make it work smoothly.

I was excited to meet a new homeschooling family, that always makes me so happy. It totally made my day to see these dedicated parents bringing their kids on a field trip to the seminar and then the End the Fed Rally. Amazing. Good for them.

A point of observation: Chicago isn’t called the Windy City just because it was the only thing someone could think of. Actually, there’s a very good reason to call it the Windy City. I might go so far as to say, the Cold Windy City…at least in the early morning. I never quite warmed up from our trek through Chicago this morning. I’m very thankful for the little structures that you can wait for buses in…keeps the wind from freezing you through and through.

Another observation, if you do your homework ahead of time, the bus schedule isn’t really complicated. I think we were a little intimidated at first looking at the map, but after my third trip to Chicago, I’m getting the hang of it…a little.

In a way, Chicago is really quite fascinating. From a literary perspective, it is interesting to observe all these lives being lived out right in front of you. I like that part. The buildings are interesting too. Especially when the sun is shining. But it gets a little lonely too. Tends to make me wish I were alone in the middle of nowhere. Somehow I wouldn’t feel so alone there. And the noise. I think that’s the main reason I wouldn’t want to live there. I was getting a headache from all the noise and commotion…trains, cars, construction, on and on, that’s what I don’t like about it. Although, I suppose Chicago wouldn’t be quite the same if it were a quite city.

So, this isn’t exactly a report on the seminar…right now I’m a little too exhausted to fully comprehend how the seminar went and to put my thoughts into coherent sentences. So that will have to wait till morning. Suffice to say, it went well, and I think the rally was a success as well…still waiting to hear an official report on that from someone who attended. We didn’t stay for the rally as we needed to get home by late afternoon, and it was already a long day.

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