Did You Get a License To Grow Those Tomatoes?

Mac Slavo writes about the massive egg recall and the excuse it is giving the government to increase control of our food supply.

The title of this blog post reminded me of the importance of being consistent in my beliefs. “Did you get a license to grow those tomatoes?” is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak. For you see, I do not like tomatoes. Not at all. They are tolerable in the canned tomato soup…probably because there isn’t much tomato to speak of in such liquid. But raw and in chunks…no, no, I cannot ingest it. So I suppose a good way to reduce the likelihood of being forced to eat tomatoes is to lobby for legislation that would require anyone wanting to grow tomatoes to get a license. Or I could just say, “no thank you” when the bowl of tomato chunks is passed around the table.

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