Blago: Friend or Foe?

The trial, as you probably know, concluded yesterday (I guess? At least the jury did their thing…I’m not sure what else they do in this byzantine court system) with Blago being declared innocent of all but one of the 20+ charges.

So…what is my opinion of Blago? Well, it is very complicated, but let me start with this point.

1) Blago has disgraced our fair state with his shenanigans and ought to be sent to prison for 50 years. Actually, our state isn’t that fair (in either sense, being neither just nor pleasing in appearance) and hasn’t been since the Great Emancipator decided to hail from IL, and thus tarnish our previously clean reputation. So I figure that we actually deserve to have people from all the country laugh at us and our rotten leaders. “We” (setting aside the philosophical argument of methodological dualism [correction: should be methodological individualism], that is, only individuals act, not the collective. To use the term “we” as a state or collective taking action is absurd, but since that’s what we do all the time, I will keep the language…just wanted to make sure you knew what I meant though.) seem to just sucker up to anyone who promises to be even slightly corrupted or, as I enjoy saying, “lame.” So, besides the ruinous reputation we’ve achieved because of Blago (I’ve only met one person pitied me because I came from the Land of Lincoln), what is my opinion of Blago? Good reader, please do not give up so soon, please persevere…although it may take me pages and pages to describe my feelings about Blago, I will try to make them amusing pages.


After further contemplation, I realized that I have no opinion whatsoever of former Governor Blagojevich.

There seems to be nothing more to say.

He could be guilty, he could be innocent, and knowing our court system, who will ever know?

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