Exclusive Information!

Okay…so the title was just a gimmick, my info isn’t really exclusive, but pretty nearly. That’s why I’m here to share it. I want it to become common knowledge to all people in all places. Pretty big job, eh?

At any rate…my exclusive information has three parts:

1) The Fed is a racket, a scam of massive proportions

2) Most Americans are unaware of this.

3) Therefore, a group of dedicated (and aware) citizens are trying to spread the knowledge about this scam. They are holding a rally in downtown Chicago on September 3rd. Let me tell you, as I attended the one last year, this rally is great fun. It is very inspiring to walk down the streets of Chicago with 100+ other people chanting, “End the Fed!”

But more than this rally, please come to their educational session in the morning. Why? I must admit, I have…what do they call this?…vested interests in the educational sessions. That is to say, I’m going to be one of the speakers at this event, and I love talking to a huge crowd, so please come so I can enjoy myself. To be clear, I will enjoy it if there are only three people in the audience, the two guys organizing this and my dad. That would still be fun, but it is hard to describe the excitement and challenge of giving a speech to a room packed with people. So, for my sake, please come. And if you’re not moved by this pleas to come for my sake, come for your sake. Do you want to be like the multitudes of Americans ignorant of their fate? Ignorant of the institution which is controlling their lives? Come now, you want to do better than that! You want to know that you know more than the guy standing next to you in the grocery store. You want to know that you know the truth about our country when your financial consultant is clueless about reality.

So come to the class. And if these arguments appealing to your selflessness and your selfishness don’t work, let me appeal to your money…this class is FREE!! If I had could suspend the laws of economics for a few hours, I’d charge you maybe $100, but this is FREE!

In conclusion:

– There is something most people don’t know about our country.

– This knowledge is directly related to their money and what they should do with their money.

– You can find out the truth about our country at the educational seminar to be held in downtown Chicago in September 3rd (details to follow, I know it is in the morning, exact times will be announced).

– This class is free. You must register, by emailing cjenner01(at)yahoo(dot)com, ahead of time, but there is no cost.

So, now what say ye?

For more info, email closeasicancome(at)gmail(d0t)com, or cjenner01(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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