Anchorless in a Torrid Sea

So this is a slight deviation from my regular posts….but I wanted to post this somewhere, so why not here?

It is an excerpt from an article by Chris Donato at Ligionier Ministries.

He says something to the effect that most churches, sadly, are social clubs who think of God as He Who Exists for Me. But Donato goes on to remark, “But in reality, this private social club has been called out of the world of clubs, not to be just another club–albeit a little cleaner (if not a lot less fun)–but to be the anti-club, the place where the mantra above is flipped: I am He Who Exists for God. Apart from this, we would have no purpose, being left anchorless in a torrid sea, unable to know our worth as creatures among other creatures wrought and redeemed by a transcendent God.”

Doesn’t that just sum up our problem? And our salvation?

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