The Liberation of Women

I recently had the experience of seeing, first-hand, a very outspoken “liberated woman.” While I have no doubt that I run into “feminists” fairly frequently, this particular situation and the flagrant attitude of this woman caught my attention. She was a speaker at an event, and looked to be about 8 months pregnant. The stairs going up to the stage were quite steep, and a gentleman on the stage suggested that someone help her. She retorted fiercely that she didn’t need “no stinking help” and wasn’t “disabled yet.” I was a little shocked by this. It was not the best move she could have made. She was in front of a very conservative audience, and was basically asking them to vote for one of her relatives who was running for an office but couldn’t attend that night. I don’t think that outburst of feminism helped her much.

But it made me think more about this type of thinking which seems to pervade our culture. I know that when I’m treated like a lady, I don’t feel like the man is putting me down and showing off his superiority; I feel honored and grateful that he would respect me and treat me so politely.

I guess it is just frustrating to see how many women have duped by this lie. To be truly liberated, a woman must embrace her uniqueness and recognize the special role to which God has called her.

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