A Little Late, But…

I just discovered that in 1926, the 4th of July was celebrated on July 5th because the 4th fell on a Sunday. I’ve complained about how even the teeny-tiny towns out here still had the parade on the 4th (not that I enjoy going to the parade) and no one really cared that it was on Sunday. It seems that our country used to be more respectful of the day. That makes me happy, and sad. Happy that people back then were more sensitive. Sad that times have changed so much.

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  1. I’m just now paging through some posts I missed on your blog! AMEN to this!! We are always sad to see how people don’t care when things are on the Lord’s day. When birthdays fall on Sundays we celebrate on Saturday (same w/ Father’s Day & Mother’s Day). Glad to find someone else thinks the same way… 🙂

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