Books, and Government, and such

Books play a vital role in my life. They are extremely important to me. I was considering them this morning in light of the free market. Right now, if I want to read a book and not buy it, I will go to our local library. Sadly, the standards of this library have gotten lower and lower until I’m hard pressed to find a decent book. I generally must resort to filling out a request slip for a book at other libraries. And within 6-10 months, I receive the book I wanted! This was frustrating when I was studying WWII. I requested a number of books on it, and most of them came in somewhat soon. So I forgot about the others that didn’t come, and decided to spend a few months back in ancient Rome studying that. One day I was shaken out of the world of collesiums, caesars and empires by a phone call. It was the library. “Would you still like this book, ‘A General History of WWII?'” [That was not the title, I don’t remember the real title, I just made that up.] It took me a moment to realize what the librarian was talking about. I finally said I wasn’t interested in that anymore.

The government sure does provide great service, eh?

So this morning I was thinking about libraries, and how they would look if they were privatized. You could have a library for teenagers, filled with vampire romance novels, etc…You could have a library full of those trashy romance books that are apparently for women who aren’t happy with their current situation…we might have a library for historians, full of books from original sources so you wouldn’t have to rely on other interpretations. You know the controversies over books for children that discuss and promote homosexuality? Privatized libraries solve this problem! There can be a “gay” library for those who want to expose their children to that sort of information, and then the rest of us don’t have to worry about our children inadvertently finding these books in other libraries. There can be libraries for people like me, with a more classical taste, full of Dickens, Austen, Tolstoy, etc…There could be a politically incorrect library with Ron Paul books…and a politically correct library filled with biographies of President Obama, all of them marveling at this fine president who has accomplished so much. There’s a very obvious question that I’m sure you’re already asking.

Who’s going to pay for these libraries?

They aren’t public libraries, so they won’t be “free.” It isn’t unreasonable to say that someone will pay $100 a year or something like that, for access to their favorite library. And maybe the libraries would have a deal where you can use their library for free 3 times a year, or something like that. So if you’re studying Obama, you can go read up on him without having to pay $100. Maybe these libraries would be in the same building to help cut costs. You walk in the door and it is like a mall, you get to choose the “Vampire” library, the “Politically Correct Library” and so forth.

That sounds pretty cool! I like that idea. I would be happy to spend $100 a year if I could have access to decent, helpful, and interesting books. And I’m sure they’d have family plans too, so my whole family could for the year for only $100.

This applies to movies too. We are so tired of all the junky movies our library keeps getting. I wish there were libraries that catered to different tastes. A library full of historical dramas, Jane Austen movies and maybe a little Star Trek thrown in.


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