Meeting Margaret

This is a story about an Iowan farmer, Lee, who goes off to fight in WWII and must confront the dark truth he discovers about war.

“Lee, you brought me out to this strange place, to this lonely and forsaken land—and then you left. I never left the city before I married you. That was my home, and I don’t know what to do here without you. I just hope that whatever you’re doing is worth it, and please come home soon.”

“But he wrote letters for months to you; we couldn’t understand him. But I suppose you are not all that different from us. And you love him. And we both want him home again.”

““Kneel down,” he said. “Feel this,” he put his hands on the earth. “This is our land, this is ours.  If we let the British and the Russians, and the Americans win, this will be gone. Be brave, Margie, for our country, for us, and for what we are protecting.”

He kissed her gently, stood up, and walked away.”

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