End of a Season

I have officially stepped down from my position as Campaign for Liberty County Coordinator.  I’ve left it in the capable hands of my fellow coordinator, Darren J. The whole thing is a little surprising. It was hard to make the decision, but all through the process, I felt like it wasn’t really happening. It wasn’t until it was actually over, and my name taken off the county page that it sunk in what I had done. I don’t regret my decision. I’m sorry that I had to do it, but I still am confident that it was the right thing to do. My political views have changed, and I don’t feel that I have enough passion for the cause that a leader needs. If I’m not fully committed to the mission of the Campaign for Liberty, then no one else will be excited about it either. And there are too many questions and problems for me to whole-heartedly embrace the principles of the Campaign for Liberty now.

My time spent in C4L was incredible. It was great experience, and I wouldn’t be here now without it. The best part was finding so many like-minded friends, in the local area, in the state, and across the world. I will never forget how supportive and encouraging all my C4L colleagues have been. I want to thank them, other patriots, and my family for how much they helped me in my endeavors. I don’t know where this new season of life will take me, but I know I will always remember, with great pleasure, my time working in Campaign for Liberty.

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