Notes from the “For Liberty” Interview

This is totally off the top of my head, as I was watching the interview on WPT. So it is a little random, sorry.

The directors/producers point out that they were drawn to Ron Paul because of his foreign policy. He was cut out of the Republican Party because of his strict Constitutional non-interventionist position. Ron Paul: (not an exact quote, but approximate) “We have to look at it from the position of how would we feel if they did it to us?”

“It is just the message of liberty. It brings people together from all sides of the spectrum.”

We impose the words “conservative” and “liberal” on political ideas, instead of focusing on pro-liberty vs. anti-liberty ideas.

Ron Paul broke through all the social demographic sectors of the country, he had followers everywhere, instead of a single demographic, he has supporters all over the place.

Revolution combined with Love created an unexpected and empowering combination. There was not approval from the campaign HQ, it was totally grassroots and it went crazy across the country.

“The internet was the biggest driving factor in the whole campaign.”

“Republicans are supposed to follow their leader…” but the Ron Paul supporters didn’t.

“This is completely about grassroots and this is completely about you saying what you believe in.” — Morning Joe

“He wasn’t the movement, he was a man.” (referring to Ron Paul)

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