Hope vs. Fear or Control vs. Liberty?

Published last fall at Northern Illinois Liberty

I happened to be listening to NPR this morning, and heard an astounding speech from Obama on Saturday.

He said something like this, “You know, America has done this before. FDR heard the same thing when he introduced Social Security. They said it was socialist. They did. Verbatim.”

If this wasn’t my president, I’d laugh, it is so absurd. Obama says, Americans claimed Social Security was socialist [as if you couldn’t tell by the name] and look, it is alright, isn’t it? Social Security isn’t socialist, right?

Yeah right.

Then he goes on to say how when FDR wanted Social Security, when Medicare was created and now when Obama just wants to fix our health care system, the debate boils down to hope vs. fear. Apparently those of us who don’t want his change are just backwoods nobodies who are too stuck in our ways to progress into a new age.

I confess, he is partly right. It is about hope and fear. I am desperately hopeful that this health care plan doesn’t go through, and fearful that it might.

I guess in this new and wonderful advanced age, liberty is no longer an option.

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