Disrespect for the Government, by Felipe Franco

A fascinating article over at Lew Rockwell on the differences between Latin America and the United States.

Excerpts to whet your appetite:

People rarely race around at dangerous high speeds. They don’t delay either. Major collisions are much rarer than in the U.S. I lived for 5 years in a city of one million people that had no traffic lights or stop signs at the time. Traffic flow was very natural. Traffic would flow one way through an intersection until there was a natural lull and then the cars from the other direction would nose in and dominate the intersection until the flow eased in the new direction.

The doctors in Latin America don’t give you the angry obligatory lecture like the traffic cop fascist doctors in the US who make demands of you and level threats and accusations at you if you don’t comply with their “orders.”

Healthier diet and lifestyle: One of the first things you notice when you go out into the world in a Latin American country is that almost everybody is physically fit. Children and adults are not obese. They are not malnourished either. Why? They eat better and have a healthier lifestyle. They eat meats, vegetables, and fruits that they buy fresh and prepare simply. They eat instinctively based on what their bodies need – not based on a government “food pyramid” or FDA labels about salt and cholesterol.

Cars: There are more car choices to fit your needs. All kinds of interesting imported cars are seen throughout Latin America. Many small efficient cars and innovative trucks and specialty vehicles can be purchased that are the current state-of-the art for automakers. These cars are never seen in the U.S. because the foreign company has not paid the millions of dollars to undergo U.S. crash tests and DOT certification.

Read the complete article here.

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