The Underground History of American Education

A new book is due out soon by John Taylor Gatto, read about it here. Samuel Blumenfield notes, “…with the educational-industrial complex, we are dealing with an entirely different animal, one that eats children alive, destroys minds, destroys families, undermines our culture, provides neither protection from our enemies nor academic learning for our kids.”

There are countless times while I’m reading about public education where I stop and thank God that I was homeschooled. As a recent graduate, I’ve thought a lot about education in the last few months, and it made me realize, all over again, what a profound difference homeschooling has made on my life. I cringe to picture myself in a public school setting, and I keep wondering what that would have done to me. Would I have come out of school like every other teen? Would I have been angry about my situation? Would I have recognized the problem, and longed for independent learning?  I don’t know, but I do know I’m glad I never had to face those circumstances. If my parents had not taken that brave and socially unaccepted step to homeschool me, I would not be here today.

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